Squadron Email is for official announcements, news, mission briefs, de-briefs, and intelligence reports. It is the way we keep in touch. Acceptance of Squadron membership implies agreement to abide by the email policy. Additionally, members receive Squadron continuing education notices and other Squadron business. Squadron Email is classified. This may be a "game," but it's also a war. Non-members are not authorized to read our email. The Squadron accepts no responsiblity for email content, regardless of origination.
Squadron Email Address Book: Each member is responsible for keeping his own Squadron address list and it is up to that member to keep it current. Classified email sent to unauthorized persons is against Squadron policy and could be deemed an Article XIII violation. The Squadron is not a forwarding service. If you want the entire Squadron to see a message, then you must send it to everyone by using your Squadron address book.
Connections through third party email accounts, promotional accounts such as Juno.com, or information services such as AOL, Prodigy, or Compuserve have proven unsatisfactory for any Squadron activity. Yahoo, MSN.com, and Hotmail have also been unreliable even for simple email messages. The Squadron will no longer send email to addressees at these services due to their continuous security problems, their policies of appending advertisements to all messages, and their trimming and censoring of photos and attachments.
Returned email marked 'permanent fatal errors,' or 'mailbox full' will result in that addressee being removed from Squadron email without notice. It is the responsibility of each member to keep the Squadron informed of email address changes. It is also up to each member to alert the Squadron of planned absences that will result in bounced email if service is not temporarily suspended, and to notify the Squadron of when to resume service.
Photos sent by the Squadron are in the .jpg format. Do not send bitmap photos through Squadron email.
Do Not simply hit the reply button when responding to Squadron email unless you have first removed all photos, attachments, addresses, and address headers. Squadron headquarters does not want photos returned and does not want our addresses read by spammers. Respondent email which continuously includes previously sent photos, attachments, and adresses will result in that individual being removed from Squadron email without notice.
Repeat: Before responding to any Squadron email it is imperative that all email addresses in headers as well as the body of the message be stripped away by the sender. Failure to abide by these simple instructions will result in email removal.

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