Squadron History

The Dickweed Heavy Bomber Group was established in March of 1996 by two members of the Dickweed Society.

The Dickweed Heavy Bomber Group is not affiliated with the Dickweed Society. In order to understand the origins of the Bomber Group, however, a brief word about the Dickweed Society is in order.

The Dickweed Society was formed on May 1st, 1992 by four pilots in Reno, Nevada. The group later expanded to include a female who was given honorary membership.

Of the original four pilots, two were subsequently destroyed by women and one was married, leaving only one with his senses and wit intact to discover WarBirds. This remaining pilot, who became known as papa, was eventually able to rescue one fellow Dickweed from the depths of despair and ignorance by raising him up on the seventh day to become vega.

After flying several missions and seeing a need for strategy, teamwork, and coordination, especially where heavy bombing is concerned, papa and vega formed the Dickweed Heavy Bomber Group, a WarBirds Purple Squadron.

The Squadron has grown steadily and has recruited many talented pilots.
The DHBG formerly specialized in precision, long range, high altitude bombing. As the computer and gaming world has evolved, we now fly both bombers and fighters in Aces High with a high priority on bringing our pilots and their airplanes home safely.

The squadron motto is, "We Move Mud."  

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