The Dickweed Heavy Bomber Group is a senior squadron that has been with Aces High since beta testing. Prior to that we were in WarBirds dating from ver.1.0. The DHBG is over 21 years old, which makes us one of the oldest in the online world. Over the years the DHBG has maintained its stability and integrity by offering membership to those who show maturity and enjoy being team players. Those who jump from squadron to squadron, like to change callsigns or sides, or who take offense easily at either other players, the squadron, or Aces High management have proven unsatisfactory as Dickweeds. People with axes to grind, or who have some personal agenda, have also not been successful squadron members.

Being offered a slot on the DHBG roster is an honor and also an automatic vote of confidence in the new member by all Dickweeds. Understanding the camaraderie and responsibilities that go with being a Dickweed is important, as well as having a sense of humor.

The DHBG recruits all races, sexes, and age ranges without discrimination, however applicants below age 18 have been generally found too young to be happy with us in the long term. Successful recruits are chosen on the basis of both potential and proven performance, attitude, and friendliness. If you feel that you fit into this type of profile, then we encourage you to fly with us and perhaps join the squadron.

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